Essential oils combat disease and keep smiles healthy for a lifetime.

What are Essential Oils, and How Are they Used in Dentistry?

I have long recommended Essential oils for the many health benefits they provide. When looking for an at home regimen for patients, I want something that is all natural, but beneficial in reducing bacterial load, reducing inflammation and helping to actively fight infection. Prescription strength products that contain alcohol, cause staining or tarter formation are no longer the gold standard in Periodontal Care. Essential oils have powerful anti-microbial properties that help us fight disease and accomplish better oral health.

Wendy Briggs

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Recent Studies Show:

  • At home use of Essential Oil based rinses “significantly improved bacterial counts in many cases.” Dentistry Today
  • Studies have shown that essential oil based mouth rinses are as effective as Chlorhexidine in reducing dental plaque, gigival inflammation, oral VSC and malodor. Maelstrom, University of Rochester
  • Combinations of essential oils have demonstrated plaque reduction of 13.8-56.3% and gingivitis reduction ranging from 14-35.9%. Charles et al; Grossman E;Lamster IB;Overholser et al.2006
  • In a 1999 Fresh Breath study, Clinical Research Associates rated an Essential Oil based rinse as Number One in long term reduction of bad breath.

Essential Oils CAN penetrate cells to eliminate threats and help cells on the inside and out.

When you pause to uplift and invigorate your senses, you find increased energy and zest for lift.

Essential Oils address root causes without side effects or addictions used as a first line of defense.

Why Use Essential Smiles Mouth Rinse?

3 Reasons why this rinse is the BEST option for inflammation and prevention:

  1. Essential Oils are incredibly effective against many pathogens in the mouth, without harming the good bacteria that is the body’s defense mechanism.
  2. Xylitol has been proven as a powerful weapon against bacteria that cause cavities.
  3. Neutralizing ingredients help to balance the pH of the mouth to prevent chronic disease.